Hoornwijck used to be a country seat in Rijswijk and was sold to Gabriël de la Faille in 1707. After having different owners, Hoornwijck fell in to disrepair and was taken over by the municipality of Rijswijk in 1980. In collaboration with the National Cultural Heritage Agency, Hoornwijck was restored in its original state. In 2004 the municipality sold the premises to real estate companies. The house of Hoornwijck is now a beautifull example of one of many mansions that Rijswijk once posessed.

Zuidhoorn is a less know country seat in Rijswijk. In 1642, Evert van Barlehaer bought a piece of land with a farm at the Rotterdamseweg. Up to the 20th century, Zuidhoorn had many owners. De last owner decided in her testament, that the property must have a charitable destination. Therefor it was rented to the Salvation Army in 1933.

In World War 2nd, Zuidhoorn was confiscated by the German army and used as launch site for V-2's. After the war, Zuidhoorn (now a monument) was renovated and is currently used as a 5 star hotel by the name Savarin.